Yuki Kimura is born October 23, 1996 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Debuted as a reader model for the fashion magazine, “egg” in 2012. She thrived on the video platform Vine, with over 60 million total views, called a “Charismatic Video Queen”. Yuki also participated “Bachelor Japan” in 2017, ranked in the 1st in the favorable ranking due to her flashy appearance and straight personality.
In 2018 Yuki participated the famous and popular American TV show “THE BACHELOR WINTER GAMES” and made her world debut. Yuki’s participation became a hot topic in US and was featured in “The New York Times” and “THE NEW YORKER”.

In the Summer of same year, Yuki also appeared in "BACHELOR IN PARADISE". Moreover, she appeared on a national television commercial and became the most popular known “Japanese gal” in US.
By late 2018, Yuki had become active as a television personality, with numerous appearances on various variety programs such as Konya Kurabete Mimashita (Nippon TV), Sunday Japon -SunJapo- (TBS), Odoru! Samma Goten (Nippon TV), Downtown DX (Yomiuri TV), and such.
Yuki made her TV appearances over 100 times in the first half of 2019!

In addition, the 1st photo album“Yukipoyogram Yukipoyo Photo Book” which was shot at Guam,and the 1st DVD “YukipoyoTube” were released. Also in June, Yuki collaborated with popular rapper “SLOTH” and released a setuna-based real love song “Aitai Aenai”.
Yuki actively keep working on as model, talent, and artist.

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