Mina Yoshizawa

Mina Yoshizawa


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Mina Yoshizawa

-Birthday: July 19th, 1988

-Birthplace: Kanuma city, Tochigi prefecture

-Height: 158cm

-Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics graduate


  Reading comics


  Drinking alcohol

  Watching TV dramas

  Going to horse racing


  Go on diet

  Go diving


  Eating (Reported hundreds of restaurants as a "foodie announcer"! No dislikes in food!)


  Japan lifelong learning instructor

  Institute of Self Discovery Master Instructor

  Child-raising Instructor

  Nationally Licensed Marine Diver

-Business Career

  NHK Tottori Broadcasting Station: Newscaster, reporter (March 2011 to September 2013)

  Shizuoka Telecasting: Announcer (October 2013 to December 2016)

  Freelance (since January 2017)


-"Tokudane!" (Fuji Television)

-"ame ta-lk" (tv asahi)

-"Yuudoki network", "Ohayo Cyugoku", (NHK GTV)

-"Kurashi no jyoho bin" "Ichioshi jyoho bin", "Ichioshi news", "√route high↑"  (NHK Tottori Broadcasting Station)

-"Teppen Shizuoka", "News", "Kusa deka" "Girls Party" "Chotto! Ii time" and others (Shizuoka Telecasting)

-"Tamago chan" (Shizuoka Asahi Television)


-"Yashiro sou de gonyogonyo" (MC), "News" (NHK Tottori Broadcasting Station)


-"√route high↑" (NHK Tottori Broadcasting Station)

-"Shizuoka baka ure no hosoku", "Girls Party" (Shizuoka Telecasting)

 and others


-Volleyball World Cup

 and others including movie previews and opening ceremonies


-Tagono tsuki


-"Momoiro Clover Z" interview

 and others including food analysts

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