Kinya Tsubaki

Kinya Tsubaki


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While actively performing in the media as a singer, he takes the chair for stages, dance parties, dinner shows and various other activities. He handles all scripts, directions, compositions to choreography as a chairman.

He appears in TV programs such as "The 11th Hida Takayama Takane Kayo Festival", radios "Hiru no Sampomichi", "Saturday Uta no Nakamatachi", "Kaori & Kinya's Enka is No.1" (acts as main personality), and in magazines such as "Minna no Kayoukyoku".
He frequently appears in "JRT Shikoku Broadcasting", on air in his birthplace Tokushima Prefecture.

He also volunteers to visit nursing care facilities in Tokushima.

3rd Single "Kanashimi no Tsubasa" was produced by Hiroshi Madoka, 4th Single "Koi Utsusu" was produced by Junpei Oda.

Mastered Japanese dance in Nishikawa style.

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