Tomoko Tanaka

Tomoko Tanaka


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Tomoko Tanaka

-Birthday: March 10th, 1980

-Birthplace: Hachinohe city, Aomori prefecture

-Height: 156cm

-University of the Sacred Heart, Department of Literature Graduate

-Business Career

   Recruit Advertising Agency, Sales staff (April 2002 to March 2008)

   Direct Communication, Speaking course instructor (August 2008 to December 2010)

   NHK Aomori Broadcasting "Apple Wide" Newscaster (April 2011 to March 2015)

   NHK GTV "News Shibu 5ji" Director, Reporter (April 2015 to March 2019)

   Freelance (since April 2019)

   "Tokaichi Syuetsu no efurikogi de gomen!" Assistant (Hachinohe BeFM Radio, since January 2021)

   "Musashino Life Plus" Personality (Musashino FM Radio, since April 2021)


   Watching Sumo (watch from 3rd rank)

   Visiting shrines and temples

   Collecting folkcrafts


   Finding people's strong points instantly

   Food report (good at making foods look delicious)


   EIKEN Grade 2

   the Japanese Aptitude Test 2nd grade

[Business Career]

-"News Shibu 5ji" Director, Reporter (NHK GTV)

-"Nomachi Mineko no Shibu 5ji Sumobu" Reporter (NHK GTV, interviewed many sumo wrestlers including Hakuho, Harumafuji, Takayasu, Terunofuji, Mitakeumi etc)

-"Hisaichi Tokusyu ~Half-year Document Western Japan Rain Damage" Close Report (NHK GTV, Awarded NHK Broadcasting Center Manager's Award)       

-"Suppin NIPPON" (NHK GTV, close reports on 48 prefecture's minor No.1 in Japan)

-"Apple Wide" Main newscaster (NHK Aomori Broadcasting, Mon to Fri)   

-"Okunikotoba de Senryu" Assistant (NHK Aomori Broadcasting)

-"Ohayo Nippon" Sports corner reporter (NHK GTV)

-"Ogenki desuka Nippon retto" Relay news reporter (NHK GTV)


-NPO Nihon Ishoku Shien Kyokai "Green Heart Concert" MC

-Arashio beya final day party MC

-Saitama Prefectural Urawa High School School Festival Event Lecture "Ashita kara tukaeru! Communication jyutu"

-Hachinohe city Wine Festival MC

-NHK Heart Exhibition MC

-Tachikawa Illumination Lighting Ceremony MC

-Theater Company "Shigi" Actress (2011 to 2015)

-Book-reader at Special School Kugayama Seiko Gakuen

-Audio Book "Wa no Gyoji Ehon" (Digital Accessible Information System)

-First Impression Improvement Training for working people (Sales, Reception)

-Announcer's School Instructor

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