Ayumi Ohno

Ayumi Ohno

announcer MC

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Ayumi Ohno

-Birthday: June 3rd

-Blood type: O

-Birthplace: Osaka prefecture

-Height: 157cm

-Foot size: 23cm

-Size of clothes: 5


  Mountain climbing

  Traveling alone

  Charity activities


  Hair and makeups

  Chatting with elderly people

-New Star Creation Academy 24th Graduate

-Participated in M-1

-Motto: "Brightly, happily and cheerfully"

[MC Careers]

-Japan Post Posukuma's birthday party 2019 Opening ceremony

-Google NEXT’19 in Tokyo

-Kose Cosmeport New product presentation

-Ginza make-up Park Suzuki Emi Talk Event

-JOYSOUND Japan Karaoke Tournament Final Round

-Tokyo Senior Community Exchange Tournament TOKYO En Joy!

-Rugby World Cup 2019 New year event

-Miche Bloomin' Girl's talk event

-NTT users association Call center competition

-Orix Money Senryu presentation

-Rugby World Cup 2019 Official Movie Interview

-Cafe de paris Final press event

-SoftBank #Removelimitter Theater event

-Zojirushi My bottle Fumino Kimura talk event

-Ushijima the Loan Shark Part3 First girl's preview

-Kanda Maturi CH Reporter (since 2012)

-Yokohama Hakkeijima Seaparadise facility DJ

-Vissel Kobe Fan thanksgiving sports festival MC

-Miura International Marathon Assistant DJ

-Naganoharakusatsuguchi new station building completion ceremony

-Japan Small Scale Water Works Association National small scale water competition General meeting MC (2015 to 2019) 

-Geo giant controller national caravan press release

-Danganronpa V3 : Killing Harmony press release

-Junior soccer festival IN Ajinomoto Stadium Reporter


-Tokyo Game Show


-Tokyo Motor Show

-CP +


-ET & loT

-Tourism Expo Japan


-Office Expo

-International Tokyo Toy Show

-Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo


-Security Show

 and others

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