Haruna Odo

Haruna Odo


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Haruna Odo

-Birthday: February 14th 1989

-Birthplace: Okinawa prefecture

-Height: 160cm

-University of the Ryukyus Faculty of Law and Letters Graduate

-Business Career

  Ryukyu Broadcasting Corp "RBC The News" Reporter (2013)

  FM Okinawa Radio Car Reporter (2016)

  FM Okinawa Radio "Sh@re TIME" Personality (2019)


  Child Care


  Visiting Cafes



  English communication

  Peeling mandarin


-"RBC The News" Exclusive Reporter (2013 to 2016)

-NAHA Marathon Omnibus Reporter (2014, 2015, 2017)

 and other TV special programs reporter (Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournaments, Sangyo-maturi)


-FM Okinawa Radio Car Reporter (FM Okinawa Radio, December 2016 to March 2019)

-"How To Uchina-yome" MC (FM Okinawa Radio, 2017)

-"Sh@re TIME" Personality (FM Okinawa Radio, from April 2019)

 and commercials


"Jumbo Tours" Image girl 2017


 Wedding banquets, wedding parties, festivals, symposiums, concerts etc.

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