Yukina Nemoto

Yukina Nemoto


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Yukina Nemoto

-Birthday: February 14th, 1993

-Birthplace: Saitama prefecture

-Height: 157cm

-Nihon University College of Law Graduate

-Business Career: After working at Daiwa Securities, Sayama Cables, now works as a freelance


   Flamenco (Experienced dancing at Tokyo Skytree)

   Visiting temples and shrines to collect stamps

   Reading manga


   Big eater (She was popular to eat more than a 90kg man when she was in charge of a gourmet program)


   The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping 2nd grade

   Financial Planning Technician 2nd grade

   Official Examination in Word Processor 1st grade

   Official Examination in Abacus 1st grade

   TOKYO FM DJ License 1st grade

   1st grade Driver's License


-"Around TOKYO" (NHK BS Premium) 

-"Sayama no Omise meguri", "Oripi to asobo ☆ Daisakusen", "S-CAT Guidance" (Sayama Cable TV)   


-Saitama Shintoshin Keyaki Hiroba Entrance "Christmas Concert"

-Shin Sayama Sky Road Festival

-Saitama Yume KANA Music Festival 2019

 and other events and corporate parties


-"Romeo and Juliet" (Sayama Citizen Musical)

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