Hiroko Miyakawa

Hiroko Miyakawa


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Hiroko Miyagawa

-Birthday: March 21st

-Birthplace: Fujisawa city, Kanagawa prefecture

-Height: 152cm


  Watching Sports

  Go driving

  Watching movies / stages


  Keeping baseball scores

  Physical flexibility


  1st grade Driver's License

  Cooking License

-Favorite Phrase:

  "Thanks to encounter, thanks to fate"

-Regional Posts:

   Secretariat at Institute of Fujisawa Station Area Area Management

   Director of Fujisawa United FC

   Director of Shonan United BC

   Fujisawa Juvenile officer at Fujisawa Police Station   

   Fujisawa city Health Supporter

   Fujisawa city Dementia Supporter


  -The Yomiuri Shimbun Telephone News Flash News Announcer for Yomiuri Giants

  -Companion for exhibitions, shows and events 

  -Announcer, Reporter, Director for Bunkyo and Arakawa ward (Tokyo Cable Network)

  -Yomiuri Giants Live Crew for Home game at Tokyo Dome and VS Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters game (Tokyo Cable Network)

  -Tokyo Dome Intercity Baseball Tournament Live Crew & Bench Reporter (Tokyo Cable Network)

  -Kodansha Book Channel / "Norimono Hakubutukan" Narrator (Tokyo Cable Network)

  -Fujisawa city Information Program "Humming Fujisawa" Personality, Program Director (Radio Shonan)

  -"Shonan Resort Life" (Radio Shonan, 3 hours live program, to September 2009)

  -"Palette" (Radio Shonan, 3 hours live program, April 2011 to October 2016

[Freelance Career]

  -Moderator, narrator, and event coordinator mainly in the Shonan area 

    Bridal MC (since 1997, over 700 couples in Tokyo and Yokohama area)

  -"Ohayo! Saku Radio" (FM Totsuka, Mon, April 2010 to September 2011)

  -Fujisawa city PR Program "Fujisawa Jyoho Navi" Narrator (J:COM Shonan, to May 2020)

  -Chigasaki city PR Program "Harmonious Chigasaki" Narrator (J:COM Shonan, to March 2020)

  -Fujisawa city event MC (the annual fire-brigade review, Evacuation drill, Coming-of-age ceremony, City festival, City awards ceremony, New year's celebrations, lectures, Olympic events)  

  -Fujisawa city sightseeing event MC (Enoshima fireworks festival, Queen/Prince contest, Enoshima spring festival, Enoshima street performing contest etc.)

  -Shonan Fujisawa Jazz Meeting

  -Fujisawa Triple Coming-of-age ceremony

  -Yokohama DeNA BayStars Seminar

  and other company anniversary events, lectures, symposiums, golf tournaments MCs

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