Marine Miyahira

Marine Miyahira


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-Birthday: September 27th, 198

-Birth place: Zamami island, Okinawa prefecture

-Height: 150cm

-Oberlin University Graduate

-Business Career

   Ryukyu Broadcasting Corp (April 2012 to March 2015): Reporter

   Freelancer (April 2015)


   Looking around variety shops

   Designing interior


   Hip hop dancing

   Playing piano


-"RBC THE NEWS" , "Nippon Foundation Umi to Nihon Project Umi DO Takara", "Summer vacation special program Okipedia", "15th Sho Hashi Half Marathon" (Ryukyu Broadcasting)

[Radio MC]

-Morning Information Program "Shakitto i", "Senagajima island breez" (RBC i Radio)

[TV Commercial Narration]


-"Chubu Tokushukai Hospital"

-"Toyota U-car"


-"43rd Naha Harii Festival" Stage

 and others including wedding banquets


-"Jumbo Tours" Image girl 2016


-"KEE'S" Announce School 

 and others including Okinawa's corporate trainings

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