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We will join the Celebrate Message as a couple, “misoNosuke”. Wishing to help those who are fighting, suffering sickness and nursing, we will do our best by taking advantages from our experiences as well. Part of the profits will be donated to reach and save as many people as possible.

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misono, 34 years old, blood type B.

Born in Kyoto on Oct 13th, 1984.

In 2002, she made her entertainment debut as a vocal for day after tomorrow.

After being 30 years old, misono wanted to do something for the sake of the world, not for herself and/or for money, thus she left avex on Oct 31st, 2018.

In November 2018, Chameleon Co., Ltd. was established as her own private management office with the meaning of "I will work, dyeing my colors to the one who need me - like a chameleon". Enthusiastically expanding her activity in order to make her office as of a casting company and entertainment agency.

Current works are lectures, volunteers, charity, reconstruction support, fundraising, momomane works, cosplay activities and Youtube. Singing is her main activity and expands her work from elementary schools to overseas, like Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, and China.

My sister is Kumi Koda, a Singer.

Nosuke, 30 years old, blood type B.

Born in Tokyo on July 16th, 1989.

Nosuke is a husband of misono and is a drummer. Formed a band with Yu Yamada's brother, Taro Yamada.

First appeared on Fuji TV as Ryo Nishikido's lookalike.

After that, Nosuke expanded his performance and activities to NTV, TV Asahi and MX TV, sometimes together with his wife, misono.

Also active as a drummer of the musical "Samurai Rock Orchestra".

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