Nayu Matsubara

Nayu Matsubara

Radio Personality/Actress/Nurse

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Nayu Matsubara

-Birthplace: Kanagawa prefecture

-Height: 172cm

-Business Career

  Operating room staff in Kanagawa's university hospital (2009 to 2011)

  Actress (since 2011)

  Staff in Tanegashima Medical Center (2018)


  Registered Nurse

  Dental Technician

-Specialized fields    

  Surgical nursing

  Medical consultation

  Medical cosmetic treatment

  Medicine in rural areas and isolated islands

[Media Activities]

-myuFM (FM Kagoshima) Radio personality (since 2018)

-Fm yokohama Radio personality (since 2019)

-"Life on the Longboard" Nayu talk by Nayu Matsubara (FM Kagoshima, Fri, 9PM)

-"Kagonyu" Featuring Nayu Matsubara (Kagoshima Television) 

-Press Reporter (Kagoshima Television)

-"The Face" (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)


-Nurse in Regional revitalization movie "Life on the Longboard Second Wave"  


-Kagoshima MCA Nurses College

-Minami Gakuen Kagoshima MCA Nurses Technical College

-Kagoshima University

-Tanegashima Medical Center



-Nurse Senka

-Nurse Senka Manga

-Japan Airlines "on trip JAL " Featuring Tanegashima

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