Born in 1959 in Osaka Prefecture. Learn Shorinji Kempo and Karate since childhood.
Joined New Japan Professional Wrestling in 1977 and made a debut. Akira had been expected for the future from his newcomer age because of his physique and fighting spirit. His legendary battle was played in every ring, from New Japan Professional Wrestling to the First UWF after transfer. He is called the "New Fighting King" after legendary battles such as the match against Don, Nakaya, Nielsen and André the Giant. Furthermore, the second UWF triggered a social phenomenon movement.
Later, he launched a mixed martial arts organization RINGS, and in 1999 he achieved a match against Amarez player Alexander Karelin, who was called "the strongest in primates", and retired from the active role.

After retiring, not only RINGS but also being a HERO's supervisor, and now produces the event “The Outsider” aiming for youth development.
Akira has a wealth of knowledge and he is also a reader, a Japanese sword collector, a sword appraiser, and an antique collector.

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