You Kikkawa


Offer Celebrate Message(55USD)

■Comments from You

I'm very excited and looking forward to having your offer like for an anniversary or a seasonal event, for yourself, or for someone else...for those all who wants a message from me, You Kikkawa!

Let’s celebrate every moment!

■Participation Overview

User can make an offer to You for a limited time from today until the end of November 2019.

You is looking forward to sending you very special Christmas gift with her smile in the movie.  Please send Offers for seasonal comments; surprising gift to friends; a treat for yourself, and many more. The approximate number of seconds for one movie will be around 1 minute.

User can download the video message once your Offer is successfully accepted.

Moreover, for those who applied multiple times of Offer, special gifts from You will also be delivered depends on the numbers of video messages.

■Special Gifts

We will deliver special gifts according to the number of offers succession.

5 video messages: original autographed card

10 video messages: autographed T-shirt

20 video messages: original message card with autograph AND a special Christmas gift to choose from;

 A: Balloon box

 B: Flower arrangement

 Please note that we will not accept your request for color neither design.

Please be sure to check the notices posted in our service regarding offer application and mailing.

The special gift will be sent by 2019 Christmas.


5 out of 5 stars

完全な私信でいいです。 年一くらいで定期的にお願いしまする。

Introducing messages

We introduce only those who gave us a permission.