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■Comments from 言×THEANSWER

Hi!  This is 言×THEANSWER! 

I would like to start out the service Celebrate Message, for consultation, encouragement, celebrations…just anything you want me to say!

You can also ask me to say a word to your someone like/dislike.  Use me for your convenient message teller!

■言×THEANSWER Official Profile

In 2015, 言×THEANSWER participated in the popular program “High School Student Rap Championship” to decide the best high school student rapper in Japan, and won 2nd place.

The label “FLOWMOTION”, which was launched by himself, has been released by Indies, but the Music Video has been viewed over 1.2 million times, and the total number of channels played is over 6 million.

Together with his attractive rap, he appears in various commercials, including Black Thunder, Karaage Kun, and such.  言×THEANSWER has his own recording studio in Hokkaido, and do everything from music production to release.  

The current SNS follower is “Twitter” 87,000 people, and “Instagram” 26,000 people, he has tremendous fans mainly in their teens and 20s.


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