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Born between a Japanese Maritime Sheriff (father) and Spanish Filipino (mother) as their second daughter.

Has four year elder sister and two years younger brother.

Good at sports; played badminton, basketball, swimming and dancing in her school days. 

Admired gal Kumikki (Kumiko Funayama) in elementary days, but kept to her heart since her family did not like gals.

She left home and stayed at her grandmother's house to become a gal right after finishing high school.

Hair breach, shaving off eye-lash, do gal make up...her long-planned goal to become a gal was finally achieved at age 18.

She returned home one year later as a gal.

(Her father is still frowning though)

(4)5 out of 5 stars



犬嶋英沙さん、メリークリスマス! メッセージありがとうございました。贈った友達がえいしゃさんからのメッセージを見て超感激してて、おかげさまでホントに良いクリスマスになりました。次の機会にもぜひオファーさせていただこうと思っています(本人が自分でするかも笑)! 寒い日が続きますがお体にお気をつけて。2020年もたくさんの活躍が見られるのを楽しみにしてます!


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