Riki Choshu

Choshu started his wrestling career at Senshu University, then participated in the 1972 Munich Olympics. 
On August 8, he made his debut and won a scorpion victory as the member of New Japan Wrestling team led by Antonio Inoki against El Greco at Nihon University Hall in Tokyo, with his real name Mitsuo Yoshida. After changing his ring name to “Riki Choshu” by the fan open call, his career was a modest mid-level wrestler for a while. After returning home from Mexico in 1982, Choshu suddenly revolted against New Japan Pro-wrestling; it grew to a rivalry with Tatsumi Fujinami Ryo (now: Tatsumi), who was a star player after Inoki at that time. This series of battles with Fujinami was called "the song of the prestigious game," and the whole of Japan became enthusiastic, and an unprecedented wrestling boom occurred.
In 1983, he formed a revolutionary corps with Masa Saito etc. After that, Animal Hamaguchi also joined and boasted great popularity as the Restoration Corps. In 1984, he resigned from the New Japan Wrestling team. In December of the same year, he launched his own Japan Wrestling, and moved the main battlefield to All Japan Wrestling / Nippon Television.
Returned to New Japan Professional Wrestling in May 1987. In the 90's, he also demonstrated skills as a producer. Choshu led the New Japan wrestling golden age by succession of the national dome tour, Tokyo Dome audience mobilization record establishment (at that time) and such. 
On January 4, 1998, he retired from service while being regretted at the Tokyo Dome tournament. However, on July 30, 2000, in response to repeated provocation from Atsushi Onita, he returned to service at barbed wire current blast match. Launched WJ Wrestling in March 2003 but collapsed in just one year. After that, Choshu participated in the electric strike U-turn again to the new Japan pro wrestling which surprised the fans. 
He started "LEGEND THE PRO-WRESTLING" with Fujinami Akira and the first Tiger Mask from January 2010 and created the wrestling legend boom that follows. Own production event "POWER HALL" started in 2018.
On June 26, 2019, Choshu closed off to 45 years of professional wrestling at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

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