Celine Farach

model, singer and personality star.

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Celine Farach is an American model, singer and personality star. She was born in Miami, Florida on August 22, 1997.
Beginning at an early age, Celine Farach was a child model, before becoming who she is today.
Celine Farach has worked with known companies like Vogue Japan, Cosmopolitan Japan, Elle Girl Japan, Glitter magazine, and many more.

Celine has performed at TGC (Japan’s largest fashion festival), Fun Beach Festival (Vietnam), Club Octagon (Seoul), and many other venues around the world.

(2)5 out of 5 stars

Thank you!! That was amazing video!! We love you Celine!!!

信じられない!!感激です!! 大好きなセリーヌさんから最高にかわいいメッセージ届きました!! アドバイス通り頑張ってダイエットしてキレイになって、いつかセリーヌさんにお礼言いたいです! セリーヌさん大好きですこれからも応援します!! セレブレイトメッセージさんありがとうございます☆☆☆☆☆

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