Sisters' duet by YuRiya Suzuki and MaRiya Suzuki. Songwriting, mood and harmonies coming out from real sisters are their attractiveness.

Challenging in various fields not only live shows but movies, stages, radio programs, YouTube and TikTok with their original songs and covers.

"ROSE&REAL" will be distributed via various subscription services from April 24th 2020!

Do check their YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Official LINE, Official Blogs and tiktok! Visit ROSE A REAL Official HP for further information!! (https://roseareal.themedia.jp/)

Special Presents for multiple offers!!

Below presents will be delivered to you:

① Autograph for over 5 (five) offers.

②Letter for over 20 (twenty) offers.

③Live phone with ROSE A REAL for over 30 (thirty) offers.

***Sorry, presents are for domesic offers only***