Mitsuhiro Adachi

Mitsuhiro Adachi


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Mitsuhiro Adachi

-Birthday: September 5th

-Birthplace: Asahicho, Mie County, Mie prefecture

-Chuo University Faculty of Law graduate

[Business Career]

-JCN My Television (current J:COM Tama) (November 1995 to February 2009)

-J-TAS: Chief director & Freelance announcer (since March 2009)

[Newscaster, Reporter]

-Tulip-TV (JNN): News Announcer

-"DAILY TAMA", "Nationwide local elections vote-counts flash news" (J:COM Tama)

-"3 Stations joint daily news" (J:COM Tama, Hino, Hachioji)

-"Citizen disaster prevention conference 2011+3" (JCN My Television)

-"Tachikawa, Akishima, Hino cities mayor election vote-counts flash news" (JCN My Television, Hino)

[Sports Commentary]

-Ibaraki Prefecture National Sports Festival Kendo, Volleyball (Cable TV, National Sports Channel)

-National High School Baseball Championship (Kanto area preliminary) (J:COM and others)

-Japan Women's Baseball League (niconico Live, Japan Women's Baseball League Live TV)

-Wanpaku Zumo (Tokyo) (J:COM)

-Japan Professional Basketball League Live (Sportsnavi LIVE, GAORA, J SPORTS and others)

-Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Second Team games (Pacific League TV, FFTV)

-Tachikawa City Half Marathon (JCN My Television, J:COM Tama)

-Hachioji Mini Basketball League (JCN Telemedia, J:COM Hachioji)

-Boat race Tamagawa

-Kaminoyama, Utsunomiya, Ashikaga, Kochi Racecourses

-Intercity Baseball Tournament (Gunma prefecture) (FM Taro)

[Event, Live programs MC]

-"Murayama dedara festival Live", "Showa Kinen Park Fireworks festival Live": Main MC (JCN My Television, J:COM Tama)

-Hitotsubashi University Festival "Hitotsubashi sai" Miss Hitotsubashi Contest: Main MC

-"Akishima kujira matsuri parade Live", "Kunitachi autumn citizen festival Live": Main MC (JCN My Television)

 and others

[Narration, CM]

-Adachi ward information program "Adachi de cycling Adachari!" (J:COM Adachi) Narration

-Toshin High School TV Commercial

-"Super nawatobist championship" (JCN My Television) Narration

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