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You can make offers for wedding congratulatory messages to SUPER☆GiRLS!
*Offers for wedding congratulatory messages are only accepted.
We do not accept other message requests.

Please write down names (full name or nickname) of bride and groom at the time of offer.


This offer takes time to be delivered.
Please understand that notification of acceptance/cancel of offers may be extended, while normally, acceptance/cancel of offers are decided and notified to users via My Page in 10 days. Deadline on My Page shall be updated in such cases.
Please be sure to write down the desired delivery date in the “Details” column at the time of offer, and that the delivery date is more than one month ahead.

Both offers to all members and offers to specific member(s) are accepted.
Please write your member requested in the detail column at the time of offer.
Please be noted that members might not be available at times of hiatus due to poor health and other unexpected reasons.

Offers are accepted until end of June, 2022.


"SUPER☆GiRLS" were born on June 12th, 2010 by twelve girls selected in Avex's first large-scale idol audition "Avex Idol Audition 2010", from the 7,000 nationwide applicants.
They made their major debut with album "Chozetsu Shojo" as the first release of new label "iDOL Street" on December 22th, 2010.
In 2011, won the Best New Artist Award in "The 53rd Japan Record Award".
Yumeri Abe became the new leader at "SUPER☆GiRLS 11th Anniversary ~ Cha11enge ~" held on June 12th, 2021.
SUPER☆GiRLS Chapter 5 has started with three new members, Honoka Hagita, Nanami Takeuchi, and Sou Tanaka.
SUPER☆GiRLS knows no boundaries!

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