7/30-8/31 only!! UP UP GIRLS (Pro-wrestling) joins Celebrate Message!! Get Cheki, autographs, and handmade masks with multiple offers, just for you. Do not miss this chance!! 

-JPY29,999 : no extra gift

-JPY30,000-44,999 : 1 Cheki (photo), you can request 1 idol of your favorite

-JPY45,000-89,999 : 1 Cheki + 1 autograph, each from 1 of your favorite idol (total of 2)

-JPY90,000 and above : 1 Cheki + 1 autograph + 1 handmade mask, each from 1 of your favorite idol (total of 3)

*tax excluded

*domestic deliveries only


Total artistic unit, unifying UP UP GIRLS (idol group) and Japanese professional wrestling.

They can sing, dance and fight... they fight and go on stage every week.

Miu Watanabe became the first Tag-champion among the group in DDT Ryogoku-Kokugikan Match November 3rd, 2019.

This year, their goal is to take first place in both idol activity and wrestling.